Counseling for the hospitality industry requires a thorough understanding of the intricacies that occur in any going concern valuation. When analyzing such properties, providing a distinction between value generated by the real property or that attributable to the other assets of the business is often required, and strong market analysis skills are essential on the part of the Consultant. Analysis requires an understanding of the demand drivers (business, group, leisure) and how they can vary in creating demand for limited, full service, and resort properties. Moreover, fluctuations created by changing economic conditions and availability of new product can make the market volatile as to occupancy and risk. An acute understanding of the dynamics created by these considerations is essential to proper valuation and counseling for the hospitality industry. 

Terzo & Bologna Inc. has years of experience in hospitality counseling. We fully understand the dynamics of this critical real estate product and have been providing our services both in urban and suburban environments for developers, institutional owners, and local and national lenders. Our market analysis expertise is of particular significance in providing competent consulting services. 

Our analyses utilize powerful nationally-recognized sources of data such as Smith Travel Research, and augment the data with primary local research and expertise. Our background extends to a wide array of assignments over a multi-state region.

  • Urban and suburban properties

  • Flagged and unflagged hotels

  • Full and limited service

  • Resorts

  • Stabilized and distressed properties

  • Institutional portfolio analysis

  • Tax appeals and litigation

  • Mixed use developments

  • Market and feasibility analysis

Whether you need a market study, counseling or valuation; whether a redevelopment, proposed project, or analysis for an existing one; Terzo & Bologna, Inc. can provide you with the expertise necessary to address your consulting needs in the hospitality industry.


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