The retail sector has a myriad of product types. When analyzing retail centers, it is important to recognize the balance of tenants within a center as well as the importance of anchor tenants and how they affect the overall cumulative attraction. A competent consultant must be able to understand and explain why rental rates can vary substantially between tenants based on size, location, and market penetration. In providing counseling services for these property types, Terzo & Bologna, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide local understanding of the markets as well as the regional perspective that comes from a multi-state exposure to these and larger retail products.

Our market analysis expertise is of particular significance in analyzing properties that are distressed or are being adapted and reconfigured, and thus require insight and meaningful projections of market absorption. Whether you need a market study, counseling or valuation; whether a redevelopment, proposed project, or analysis for an existing one; Terzo & Bologna, Inc. can provide you with the expertise necessary to address your consulting needs.

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